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Before we start the treatment of your headache or migraine, you will fill out a headache questionnaire. On the basis of this form, a personal interview and obtained results of previous examinations by your general practitioner or neurologist (such as an MRI and X-rays) a preliminary diagnosis follows and we can determine possible neck involvement based on your presentation of your headache and migraine symptoms. In general, we can say that if your headache or migraine is on 2 sides of the head, moves from left to right (or vice versa) within 1 headache or migraine attack or is located then only on the left, then only on the right side of your head or after trauma, that these are clear indications of neck involvement in your headache and migraine symptoms.


Prior to the first intake and treatment, you will receive an extensive headache symptom questionnaire to complete. The intake will take 1 hour where the completed questionnaire will be discussed and it will be determined if your neck plays a role in your headache/migraine symptoms. If you have a headache during the initial intake, to demonstrate neck involvement we should be able to reduce the headache on the spot and if you do not have a headache your typical headache (spot and pain) could be reproduced during the initial intake.



60 minutes

Inclusion/exclusion neckinvolvement + treatment

Discussion questionnaire

Follow-up Treatment



30 minutes

Personalized treatment

Requested report


Reserved time for treatment that has not been cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged at the rates listed below for missed appointments:
1. Intake and treatment (1 hour) - 100 euros
2. Consultation (half an hour) - 45 euro


Insurance &

If you submit declarations to your health insurance company, it is possible that these will not or partially be reimbursed. You should be entitled to a refund amount for manual therapy from your own health insurance company. Thus, these amounts may vary by health insurance company.

After 4 to 5 treatments there should be a significant difference (intensity of the pain decreases, frequency of headaches decreases and/or headache symptoms free), to be able and willing to continue the treatment and expect a good outcome. So no unnecessary long treatment sessions and expensive expenses without results.

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