Before we start treating your headache or migraine, you fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire forms the basis of collecting information about you, and any investigations (for example MRI or X- rays) carried out in the past by general practitioners and or specialists, regarding a preliminary diagnosis of possible neck involvement.

First session

A detailed headache questionnaire will be sent to you before your first treatment. Once you have completed the form and returned it, this questionnaire will be the input for our first session.


  • The first session will last one hour and will include intake and discussion of the completed headache questionnaire, a full examination and a start to the treatment                       
    Rate 200 euro
  • Follow up treatment (30 minutes)
    Rate 90 euro
  • Requested reporting
    Rate 85 euro

Reserved treatment time not canceled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged with the following special rates for non-timely cancellations

1. Intake and treatment (60 minutes) - 100 euro

2. Treatment (30 minutes) - 45 euro


If you submit the invoice to your health insurance, it may be that they will not be reimbursed or will be reimbursed partially. You should be entitled to a reimbursement amount for manual therapy from your own health insurance. These amounts may therefore differ per health insurance.

After 4 to 5 treatments there should be a significant, noticeable improvement, which varies from reduced pain intensity and/or reduced frequency of headache, to headache free, to be willing to continue and expect a good outcome of the treatment.

So NO unnecessary treatments and costs.



Additional information