A few years ago, I started having migraines with auras. While the headaches were not that bad usually, I had other symptoms that were very concerning and sometimes quite debilitating: visual disturbances, severe virtigo, confusion and, occasionally, inability to speak properly and find the right words. I had tests and MRI to check that I had not had a stroke or a tumour, and the neurologist diagnosed me with migraine. Medication did not help as my main problems were not headaches. I would experience some or all of the symptoms for days on end, but there was no solution.

I was told about Pollyanna by a colleague who had classic migraine attacks and, although sceptical, I was determined to try anything. In our first session Pollyanna established that my migraine could be treated by her method.  I remained sceptical, but went for the next four appointments. During the final appointment Pollyanna also taught me a self-help technique to use if I have a repeat attack.    

I last saw Pollyanna several months ago and I am delighted to report that I have not had a single attack since then. I am also reassured because I now know that if, by any chance, I did have an attack, I could use the technique she taught me or visit her again for an additional treatment.


From early age on (around 12-13 years old), I've been suffering from headaches. In more recent years, the frequency of headaches increased and I became actually used to them. You start to live with the fact you have to deal with your headache during the day at school, work or in the evening when others clearly enjoy their drinks more than you do, as you know what is going to happen later on or the next day: the unavoidable headache.

In 2003 it got worse, as I started to suffer from Cluster Headaches (hereafter CH) as well. It took a while before a specialist diagnosed CH and worse, it took even years (2009) before I received the proper medication (injections) to suppress the pain when attacks started.

So, in October 2014, with a healthy dose of scepticism, I entered the International Headache Clinic of PollyAnne van Rookhuijzen. At that time, I wasn't suffering from CH attacks (which happen to me in periods, most of the time once per year with a duration of 6 to 10 weeks) but did suffer from my regular 3-days a week headaches.

After an in-take session to tell her about my headaches ('normal' and CH types) and her performing an analysis of my situation, it took about 4 - 5 sessions to reduce my headaches. It felt like magic and I was actually waiting for the backfire to come. But there wasn't any. Since then (about 6 months now), the times I have suffered from a regular headache are limited to those two times I was bitten by the flu and actually don't make them count.

In the meanwhile, a period of CH attacks started in December. I was a bit disappointed in the fact that CH found its way again to me while my regular headaches already reduced due to the helpful sessions at the International Headache Clinic. I shared my disappointment with PollyAnne van Rookhuijzen who was still convinced that her methodology also should influence my CH. She took the bull by the horns and during my first week of CH attacks (attacks appeared every night) I took a couple of sessions every other day (one day in between to see if there were results) and after that first week, the CH attacks disappeared. I've had never experienced a CH period of just one week. Like my normal headaches, the CH didn't return.

Unfortunately, the Dutch healthcare system lacks knowledge in this area and they do not refund my invoices. They rather pay for my incredibly expensive medication that only prevent me from having pain instead of resolving the cause. However, despite the costs I would do it again within a blink of the eye. It is a relatively small investment to regain the joy of being free from headaches and CH attacks. I can wholeheartedly advice anyone who suffers from headaches (including CH) to at least try a couple of sessions to see whether they have effect on your (specific) situation. It helped me (while I already accepted a life with headaches) and I am pretty much convinced I am not unique. Please feel free to ask the International Headache Clinic for my contact details and I will be happy to get into details.


For seven years I had been struggling with headaches and neck pains. I had always thought it was something I just had to deal with. Although PollyAnne initially started the treatment to get rid of my neck pains, she soon discovered my headaches were caused by a mechanical glitch in my neck. Quite soon after that my headaches appeared less frequently. I also mastered ways to control them en prevent them from occurring. After three months my headaches and neck pains had virtually disappeared. It’s hard to believe I had been walking around with these pains for such a long time. PollyAnne's treatment has been a big relief to me.

Whita S, Den Haag

After 20 years of suffering from migraines it's great to be able to treat them without the use of medication. Since receiving treatment from PollyAnne I am aware of what can trigger my migraines and by undergoing her treatment and using the information I can prevent the migraines from occurring.

MJ, Voorburg

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