The Watson headache® Approach is a method to investigate the mobility of the upper cervical spine( high part of the neck).

It uses gentle, sustained manual techniques to desensitize the brainstem (make it less irritable).
The main goal of this treatment is to temporarily reproduce and reduction of your specific headache/migraine within approximately 30 seconds by using a sustained technique performed on your neck. (There will be NO high velocity thrust manipulation and or extreme rotation techniques performed on your neck).
This phenomenon (reproduction and reduction of head pain) is one of the approaches to rule in or out the possibility that your headache/migraine is neck related.

Not only can the Watson Headache® Approach confirm a neck dysfunction as a probable cause of your headache/migraine condition, but if the techniques are carried out in a systematic order, the exact spinal segment can be identified as the cause of your headache/migraine.

The diagnostic accuracy of the Watson Headache® Approach is unparalleled. It can confirm if disorders of the upper neck are responsible for headache or migraine and determine the exact nature of the disorder as well as which spinal joints are involved.
There is no guesswork and no cracking/manipulation. Its unique and powerful feature involves temporary reproduction and easing of usual head pain.

The Watson Headache® Approach is recognised as a scientifically researched method of examination and treatment. This diagnostically accuracy increases the chances of a successful outcome of your treatment. And because this is done during your initial consultation, you can immediately start with effective treatment.

You can contact the International Headache Clinic for this unique treatment.

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